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***NOW accepting bridal makeup & hair beauty inquiries for 2024 with a 50% deposit & contract** Please fill out a contact form ASAP to get a quick response. Thanks!


Current Updated Local Prices as follows:

Bridal preview $300( 2 hours) + depending on time and how many looks achieved.

Bridal Hair $250+ depending on time & look.

Bridal Makeup $250 + depending on time & look.

Bridal attendant hair $150 

Bridal attendant makeup $150 (lashes included)

*minimum party of 4-5 to meet the day rate per artist.

Travel per artist within the area $75 each.

Travel outside of Petaluma locale at $1 per mile round trip per artist.

I'm offering 20% off my usual facial prices to get you all in! Updated below:

Facial Prices:

55 mins basic holistic facial $105

75 mins a little extra holistic facial $135

90 mins all inclusive holistic facial $145

LED included, crystal grid, sound healing, bio mat & aromatherapy experience.

2 hour full body reiki, chakra healing & led facial $175.

Osmosis Beauty facial infusion with micro channeling using Revitapen Pro: $155

Osmosis Beauty infusion only: (peel)



Katie's booking weddings in the Petaluma locale these days & nearby SF Bay Area. 

*Katie Brooke Callahan believes that beauty is a holistic affair. A thought leader within her space, Katie has built a brand by mastering and harnessing a slow but effective and non-wounding, nutrient rich both science & botanically backed skincare routine to ensure that clients’ complexions—and clients themselves—are at their most luminous. This all starts within. Calin Van Paris-Vogue Beauty Writer.

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