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20 years as a beauty pro in 2023! 

The magic of Katie Brooke Callahan comes from a rare combination: a dreamy, passionate, bohemian aesthetic plus cutting-edge talent & a sharp eye for detail. Katie has worked in corporate beauty sales & artistry, advertising, bridal makeup, film, television, press junkets, tech, theater, & fashion since 2003. Her current focus now is on her newest venture the holistic beauty space in downtown Petaluma doing holistic facial treatments where she combines healing arts with botanicals & science backed skincare & wellness, high-end wine country weddings inside the holistic beauty space & on-location, portraits, branding shoots, local fashion designers lookbooks & engagement shoot makeup & hair in the Sonoma County area of California. A masterful editorial eye & substantial training help Katie transform visions of beauty into reality for brides & models alike, while her dedication to maintaining a tranquil and healing workspace ensures that each client leaves her not only looking gorgeous, but also feeling relaxed, radiant, and whole. There is always a white candle lit, and a mantra being spoken (sometimes privately, but Katie is always sending love and light to her clients & to the world). Katie likes to send out good energy to her clients before they go on their way for their big day!


Katies created The Holistic Beauty Space a chemical free, artificial scent free, non-toxic zone. She offers a dual California state license esthetics & cosmetology (Both from SFIEC “San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology.” Graduated in 05′ & 11′). She’s an expert at making a bride or talent glow as much on the outside as they do on the inside with a radiant, luminous complexion, and prefers to keep things simple by focusing on one bold statement, like lush lashes or classic lips color. “I love to emphasize each person’s best features,” she says. “We all have our favorite thing about our face, whether we love our big eyes, our pouty lips, or our amazing cheeks. I like to pick one thing that’s going to make a bride/talent feel amazing and really go with it.” When it comes to hair, she emphasizes a modern, natural approach–loose waves, braids, and breezy boho-natural updos.


Katie's care and attention to detail extend well beyond the stunning looks she crafts to every ingredient in the products she uses. As a conscious consumer, she is dedicated now more than ever to working with products that are clean beauty, green beauty, holistic beauty, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and organic. And focusing on items that are gentle on the body and on the planet while delivering bold and beautiful results. “I know it’s cliché, but beauty really does come from within,” says Katie. “When you’re working in harmony with your body and with the planet, that’s beautiful, and it shows.” The skin just GLOWS!


Raised in the Bay Area, Katie was immersed in the world of fashion from an early age. At nineteen, Katie attended Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for a degree in Merchandise Marketing in 1999, followed by Makeup Designory School in Burbank in 2003 (MUD). Since then she has worked on the road alongside Gina Brooke Madonna’s makeup artist for all big Shu Uemura events, and was Sharon Gault’s assistant on film sets applying makeup for celebrities like Lady Gaga, Keri Hilson, and Daphne Guinness, and has represented brands as a regional artist (ten years total working for corporate beauty until 2013)  for Shu Uemura, Nars, Giorgio Armani Beauty and Yves Saint Laurent.  She has also worked as a makeup artist for personal branding shoots, press junkets and TED talks, Siri Bridal Couture local to SF, Nike campaigns, advertising, tech commercials, yoga gear shoots, Bravo television shows, and music videos, New York Fashion week, Zombie makeup for motion pictures and much much more.


After working with internet persona/celebrity iJustine for’s show Hard Wired, Katie is ecstatic about her newest embarkation into the world of lifestyle blogging on Instagram. “I’ve had a dream career so far that can only be made better by expanding my vision,” says Katie. “I’m so excited to begin fostering an online community of like-minded people, artists, and holistic lifestyle tastemakers who are dedicated to living a healthy, spiritually fulfilled life while staying youthful and continuing to be enamored with everyday beauty.”-- 

Seamless days lately is all there is. Gr
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